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This is a collection of essays regarding several courses on metaphysics offered through the Universal Life Church. Our metaphysics courses cover a wide variety of topics in metaphysics and each carry with it its own degree.

Friday, October 17, 2008


This is a short essay from a minister who has completed the Spirit-Quest:

Wow!!! What have I learned? Let me start from my beginning:

Well, there is so much that I have learned. So much practice and so
much growth in the last six months. I feel that I am in a constant mode of change
and evolution.

My own personal experience may explain what I mean by changes. After
taking my discourses, I realized that I was receiving information about people
and their need for healing. Names of people would come to my head. When I would
contact them, they indeed needed some type of physical or emotional healing. I
also saw colors, and was directed through colors to where I should work on
someone or myself.

I started working with people by facilitating sessions for them, the
changes that occurred in some of these people was amazing, however I want to
make sure that you the reader understand that these people were the ones wanting
this healing and I was just a channel that facilitated that healing, it was
not me doing the work it was the Source, the Creator of all things.

I found that I could no longer eat certain types of foods. My body
only wanted those things that were good for me, this please me immensely. It also
provided me with more energy than I had ever had before. Meats were no longer
appealing to me, where before I enjoyed meats like everyone else. Wine had
always been a problem for me. I found it better to stay away from wine all together.
My allergies were a year round happening. I lived on allergy pills. This
new lifestyle really helped as I no longer had to take allergy pills, or
ibuprofen for headaches as these went away as well. I now only take allergy
pills every once in a while when allergy season is at its highest.

The most wonderful and beneficial thing for me was to be able to make a
connection with the Divine. This is something that was so special for
me that I would never regret having gone through this course; on the contrary
it made me whole. Once undergoing the process, if you are committed to your
spiritual enfoldment, it will rock your world. Nothing will ever be the same.
Life will be much richer and fuller, you will be happy within yourself. You will
no longer look at external means for happiness. Your husband will become
a companion, yet not your source of happiness. You will love your
children, family, friends, yet they are no longer your only source of happiness.
Happiness will lie within you, and that is what I found. I will not
tell you that I have no challenges, I find that now I can cope with them much
easier. I see them in a different light. To be able to take the tools that I
have learned in the last year and apply them to life is what has made a huge difference.

I came to the realization that I am the best chocolate cake out there.
There is no chocolate cake better than me. Everything else is frosting added to
the cake as one of the ladies I know stated.

My life continues to evolve and I find that I see life through
different eyes. My evolution started over seven years ago, however I know that I have been connected all my life. This discourse has fine tuned all that I have
learned throughout the years. The practice of mastery is what has made the
difference. Being able to take a concept and practice it for a week or however
long is necessary is what I have found makes the difference

Life is a wonderful thing and to understand your role in life you need
to look within yourself, understand your soul purpose and search within for
answers. No one can do this for you, only you can do this for you. Everyone is
born with a purpose, something you are here to learn during this lifetime,
or you are meant to do. Have you thought of what your purpose is? Have you
looked within to figure out how you can be happy within yourself? (This is a
challenge that only you can figure out for yourself.

No matter what your religion or set of beliefs are, Spirit-Quest may
enrich your life and experience, if you are willing to look within yourself to
discover your life purpose. First of all, you will need quiet time for
yourself. To look within yourself, you will need time to meditate.

There are many ways of accomplishing this; spirit quest may not be for
everyone, however it was for me. It did enrich my life. I was able to experience
something very rich, how it is related to every aspect of our being,
from emotional happiness to emotional difficulty, physical illnesses,
relationships,programming and more.

This is what this experience has done for me. It has made me more
aware of my body, my mind, my soul and it has connected me to the Divine Source,
the creator of all things. I now find life to be richer, fuller and
something that I truly can enjoy on a moment-by-moment basis.

By staying in the now I can ensure forward movement of my life. I can
co-create with the Universe. I can plan my day every morning and work with the
Universal life force to manifest those things that I need in my life.

That is the power of the work we have down and I would recommend it to
anyone that is looking to practice mastery.

Maria Herrera


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