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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Spirit Quest

Spirit Quest

by Rev. Terry G. Rempel

Yes I do choose to accept it.

Its been an amazing 8 months and I've learned a lot. I like the idea that we are all perfect spiritual beings on a unique course. We only get out of life what we put into it. Seems to Me my Mother taught Me that as well.

I really enjoyed the lesson on forgiveness. It certainly is true that "holding onto a grudge is like drinking poison and waiting for that person your holding a grudge against to die." Learning how to forgive is something we should all strive to work at a little more. I know from My own life experience,starting with My parents and now with My Wife forgiveness has always been hard for Me,but yet so essential for My health,peace and well being. With all the conflicts in the world today it is My hope and My prayer that more forgiveness is used and tried for the sake of the human race.
When I read the lesson on affirmations I learned that we should only tell are selves things that are true to us. I've done affirmations off and on all My life with only moderate results. It only makes sense now that I think about it to only use affirmations that ring true for yourself or your deep subconscious mind won,t accept it. In the back of My mind I know I've read about this affirmation method before,just never really tried it,DA! I certainly will be using it more now though. I guess that's what a spirit quest is all about.

Getting unstuck,discourse#23 was beneficial for Me as well. I can remember being stuck in the past in certain situations and even today there's certain things I,m stuck in. Life is certainly about learning there's no way around it. Life will present us with the same lessons over and over again until WE catch on,its that simple. Life in a way is like a school of hard knocks one way or another we are all going to learn,some a little slower some a little faster. If we find ourselves stuck in a situation in life,life is teaching us something and we have to dig ourselves out an learn from it.The tools discussed in discourse#23 will help with this I have no doubt.

Well it truly has been a spirit quest,I've learned a lot and its been fun. One thing I will never forget!
"You are a perfect being.
God loves you.
You were created in perfection,
by perfection,
for perfection.
Your success is guaranteed."

by Rev. Terry G. Rempel


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