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This is a collection of essays regarding several courses on metaphysics offered through the Universal Life Church. Our metaphysics courses cover a wide variety of topics in metaphysics and each carry with it its own degree.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Spiritual Awareness

Michael S Barth
Doctor of Spiritual Awareness Final Awareness

    This is one of the most interesting classes that I have taken.  In the first lesson, the instructor said that there would be new things we would learn and there would be old things where we would look at them in new ways.  The instructor was definitely right.  I did learn a lot of new things and I am definitely looking at old ways in a new light.  This really blew my socks off when I was going through this course.

            The first thing that got my attention was a quote by Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce.  Chief Joseph said "We are not humans having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience."  This quote by Chief Joseph really hit home with me.  This was the first time I had seen this quote.  It sticks out because it really went against my thinking the first time when I had read it.  But as I went through the course, I realized that Chief Joseph is right.  We are "spiritual beings having a human experience."  We are all spiritual beings that are here to learn lessons that would take a lot longer if we just stayed as spiritual beings.  All of us, as spiritual beings, need to have this human experience to learn the lessons that we need to learn.  These lessons could be such things as dealing with anger or jealousy.

            I liked the lesson on evolution.  At first, I was trying to figure out how evolution had to deal with spiritual awareness and that thought was quickly answered.  I had never considered before that the spirit evolves into higher and higher levels of being.  I had never thought before that as a spiritual being, that we could evolve into higher beings.  In science class, I was always taught about how species evolve to adapt to new environments but never thought that spirits did the same thing to learn new lessons to evolve into higher levels of being.  In the past, I figured that I had been on this planet before because of dreams that I have had and that I have been to places and have said that I have been here before but not in this lifetime.
            I like the section about choice.  I never considered the fact before that we make choices and we can either learn or lose by our choices.  By our choices, we also decide on how we are going to learn the lessons that we have chosen.  This fact was totally new to me and I had never thought about my past and current choices that I have been making.  Over the years, I have learned many lessons through good and bad choices which I never had thought about before taking this course.  Both the good and bad choices have taught me lessons that I needed to learn as a spiritual being.
            The section about balance really got me thinking about myself.  I tend to act in extremes.  With me, there seems to be no middle ground.  One minute, I could be really happy and then the next minute, I could blow up with anger at someone for something that they said or did.  Obviously, this is just one example with me but I need to find balance and try to find that middle ground.  I have been this way as far as I can remember in this lifetime and only since I have been taking this and other courses here at the ULC Seminary has it occurred to me that I need to be more loving and find more balance in my life.
            I loved the section on Universal Laws.  I did not realize that there were so many of them but saw some that I need to apply.  The Law of Abundance is one that I need to apply and have started applying since I started taking this course.  I have started branching out more in my educational pursuits.  The Law of Action is another one I needed to apply because I kept waiting for things to happen but the things never happened.  I have been applying more of this Law of Action such as trying to understand things better and trying to learn about things that I am interested in.
            This course is one that I could keep writing about since I learned a lot of new things and look at things completely different.  This course really got me thinking about things which is great.  I know that I need keep applying the Universal Laws.  Now, I know that I am a spiritual being here learning new lessons that I need to learn so I can keep become a higher and higher level of beings.  This class was wonderful.  I wish I had taken it sooner than when I did but I am glad that I took it now.  I loved all the new things I learned and how this course got me to look at my old ways in a new light.


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