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This is a collection of essays regarding several courses on metaphysics offered through the Universal Life Church. Our metaphysics courses cover a wide variety of topics in metaphysics and each carry with it its own degree.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Spirit Quest

This was quite an enjoyable coarse. Though I have had experience working with energy, this course introduced some new and interesting ways to do it. 

I often noticed that whatever subject the coarse was offering in a particular week, just happened to be the very thing I needed to work on at the time. In particular, the week we were working on “stuck energy”, and moving it. That was the very week I needed to clean out my garage, so I could finally get my car in there. If there is one thing I hate to do it’s part with things. The coarse said that we can’t keep every item our children ever made us, and wouldn’t you know, I’ve kept scrap books and scrap books of exactly that. I knew I had to let go of some of this. So, I did what I knew I had to do, and I was thankful I had the coarse that week to help me through it. It was exhausting, and I wasn’t surprised because I learned so much of our energy is attached to things we hold on to. When we start to let it move, it physically affects us. I moved stuff out a little at a time, so I knew it wasn’t exhaustion from the physical act of cleaning. Once I opened the first box and started setting aside what I was getting rid of, I felt my energy start to drain. But I understood what was happening to me from a different standpoint, other than just being tired. I also realized how important it is to keep energy moving. 

If there is one way to put a definition on the word “Metaphysics”, because I’ve seen a few different ways it is explained, I’d have to say that it is understanding energy and how to move it. Of coarse, we want to move it in a positive way. The law of Karma is there to keep things in balance. 

I’ve learned that the Universe works on everyone’s behalf, there are no favored ones. If we want something that directly involves another person, our request has to meet the good of all involved. If it does not, that doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t get our request. We just might not get it in the exactly the way we hoped. Mock-ups are a clear example of this. It’s about recognizing when a prayer or request has been answered, though it might not be in the exact way we expected. The question would be, “Have your needs been met?” If we look clearly at the situation, we will find that they have.


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