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This is a collection of essays regarding several courses on metaphysics offered through the Universal Life Church. Our metaphysics courses cover a wide variety of topics in metaphysics and each carry with it its own degree.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Spirituality Course

Comments on Lessons 1 and 2 of Dr of Spirituality course

I have found this course to require some deep study and to be honest, it was not what I was expecting. However, I have found the first two lessons very interesting, if a little unusual. It seems strange to look at God from this angle but it does tie in with traditional Christianity.

At least so far. We are told in the Bible that 'God is Love, and he that loves God is born of God' and that 'God is Spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth'. To regard this world as an illusion is rather strange when we see it all around us so solid and safe, but I can see how different our world would be if all-encompassing Love (ie God) was filling everybody. We must learn to live in a more loving society, however small may be our beginnings. We cannot do this overnight but each one us in a small way can start the process, and I am trying to look at things in a different and more loving way. I look forward to future lessons to see how they can help me to help others see the Light of Christ in and around them.

The key to this course is Belief, particularly belief in the presence of total Love. We may be far from this total presence but if we belief that it is there, then this a good start in bringing it more and more into our lives and those whom we meet, whether known or unknown.

The prayer visualizations produce a deep sense of calm and enable one to look at prayer in a different way to what one normally does. Instead of prayer being just an asking for something that we need, it becomes deeper as we look at it from a different perspective.

Derek Kemp


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