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This is a collection of essays regarding several courses on metaphysics offered through the Universal Life Church. Our metaphysics courses cover a wide variety of topics in metaphysics and each carry with it its own degree.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Metaphysical Healing

Topic: Anatomy and Physiology
We all have one of the greatest gifts our on human body, more advanced that any computer that has been made or will be made. Our Creator did a miracle job putting in place all the needed elements on our framework and inside on structure everything that can heal our self.
When we look at the different systems which makes our human body so remarkable to be a city worker all the time for the goodness of our health and well being is truly greatness.

As we gaze to the other-side or our outer-side where we find a part of our energy field and how our Aura Shield protects us from harmful contaminated elements that can harm us in different ways.
This why we need to understand how and why our human bodies work so to head off illness and disease from entering our bodies. By understanding the why certain systems work with our other systems not readily mentioned in the medical field can assist you in compassing how to control your health in a easy way.

As a healer it's very important to know what you feel, in working with clients, I inform them that I'm not a medical doctor and I do not give diagnose, but will give my opinion to what I feel after I scan the body and in doing so when I feel spots in the chakras area's and the appropriate organ or area most of the time I can tell and also assistance from my guides I give a pretty good opinion to what is troubling a client.
Everything that I learn about structure of humans, animals, elements,the world in general assist me in gives the client re-reassurance to their troubles and health problems.

We as healer remember we are not medical doctors, it's important not to confuse the clients with terminology that medical doctors use and for us to stick to the simple terminology that we are familiar with. As a healer is important to know the terms for our own self.

I did a unusual scan on a person, instead of laying down, I scanned standing up from head to base just to make sure I wasn't missing something. The client came in with swollen upper lip and in pain, A cyst had been growing for days and antibiotics were not helping;

I placed my hands near his upper right lip, an gave him some energy heat to promote the cyst to come to a head and release. I informed him that the pain may increase until it released. The next day he told me as I was treating him he felt a lot of heat inside his lip,after getting home still in pain, he placed a warm washcloth on the lip and it exploded and everything came out, he said it was a bloody mess, but soon after there was no pain and no swelling anymore. He said what every I did felt like heat pushing the cyst out of my lip, and he thanked me.But some of the of the help came from within his system doing their job that just needed a push in the right direction. This is my opinion our body works.

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