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This is a collection of essays regarding several courses on metaphysics offered through the Universal Life Church. Our metaphysics courses cover a wide variety of topics in metaphysics and each carry with it its own degree.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Metaphysical Healing

Master of Metaphysical Healing Final Essay
By Rev. Cynthia Ewing

Being a Reiki Healer myself, I am always looking to
learn more about healing. This class has helped me be
able to present answers to questions people have asked
as well as learn more about the energy field around
the body. Good advice was also given about how to work
in an energy field. There was even good advice about
having your own healing practice.

The first lesson talks about how to answer a client’s
questions. This can be a hard thing for a new healer.
Explaining how the process works and if it will help
or harm a patient is very important. You want to make
sure the client is in the right frame of mind for the
healing. Also I always let any potential clients know
that I do not diagnose or interfere with a doctor’s
treatment. As the lesson says “healing is always “in
addition to” and never “instead of” conventional
medical care.”

The lessons also spoke about working in the energy
field. It explains about the different Bodies
surrounding the physical body. I had never heard of
Auric Fibers or Auric Plasma. I knew about the other
fields though. It also lists very well steps in how to
give a metaphysical healing using your hands and the
universal energy.

When I give a reiki healing, I always say a prayer to
ask for the healing of my client as well as inviting
in any helpers. I then link to the client by sending
energy in through the crown chakra, the ears for
balancing and the shoulders to help send the energy
through the body. I believe that the client has given
me permission already to enter their energy field.
This is where I differ, but it is good to ask anyway.
Now the next step is raking the aura and removing any
negativity that is present and then smoothing the
aura. I never thought of it as unruffling the auric
fibers. After that I then apply reiki energy to
whatever area is in need. I scan the chakras with my
hands and send energy to the ones that are in need of
energy. When finished I seal the client and break the
ties that were created. Everything I do here is
similar to the healing that is spoken of in the
lessons, just using different terms.

Taking a medical history and keeping records of the
sessions is also very important. In my medical history
form there is a disclaimer to make sure the client
knows that the session is meant to help and not
diagnose or interfere with a doctor’s treatment. The
client’s history can help the healer focus on the
areas that need energy the most. It can also help the
healer see where the problem is coming from. Now the
healer’s intuition is important as blockages and
energies that need released are located. With the
history the healer can use the information to help the
client release their negativity and help them change
to a more positive attitude which aides in healing.

Overall I enjoyed taking this class. There is a lot
of information here which is very helpful for the new
healer as well as for the more seasoned healer. I
would recommend this class to anyone interested in
metaphysical healing. Thank you for the opportunity to


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