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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Metaphysical Healing

Final Essay for Metaphysical Healing.
Sharon J. Mayer

This was a very interesting course that helped me understand the alternative aspect of faith and spiritual healing for all. The healing of mind, body, and spirit all working together for the person and the community is new to me. While I am not sure that being a healer is my calling I have come to better understand the use of such practices and have understanding of what practices work with other means to totally heal the patient. I am continuing my education in the field and exploring all the aspects of the many types of healing that are available in the world. Because of my new understanding I am more open to the ideas that the spirit must be healed as well as the body to have a whole and complete healthy life. 

I was most impressed with the manner the class was given and the questions at the end of each chapter reinforced the learning experience. I have seen these practices work when I lived in various parts of the United States and among the North American Indigenous. In the far spread areas of Alaska it is the native healers that serve the people most. They also use the concept of healing the whole body to bring it into harmony. 
The concept of faith or spiritual healing does not come easy for people in the United States as the medical field in this country has relied so heavily on the sciences. The idea of using alternative means of healing is not one that is practiced by many. I can remember when we were given teas of herbs or poultices were put on injuries with plants taken from the woods around us or from the garden. People who used the old ways were considered out of the normal channels of healing for practicing what was really a normal healing method and were thought of as substandard health practitioners. When one realizes at one time the barbers were the healers (and that is why there were red and white striped poles outside the shops) and they used bleeding as a means of riding the body of illness before medicine was formalized with specialized training it is not hard to understand that different means of healing are looked at with suspicion until proven to be a good healing process. Healing has come a long way and each day a new cure can be found but we must understand that there are other ways than science to heal that have only recently been recognized and added to the specialties of medicine in some parts of the world. 

It seems that modern medicine has forgotten that these same herbs, barks, and plants are in the compounds of our modern medicines or a synthetic version of the same. Also it is just being recognized that laying-on of hands or using energy fields should no longer be frowned upon but used more to help the patient. The touch of one on another can create a feeling of love and promote the healing process in many ways. The used of the energy fields to clear negative forces is now being recognized not as something outside the box but a way to help the patient. Even those who advocated special diet were considered odd at one time and now that is a part of the whole process to heal. Granted many reasons include the actions of the few that were out to fleece the customer but to lump all of these practices into one basket because of a few is not using all the healing resources available to the community.

Now we are being given a choice of medical practices from many areas and the idea that other than what the doctor prescribes is wrong and won’t work is being replaced. This has lead to a more holistic form of healing the body and spirit. Many of the mainstream medical profession have started to understand that there is truth in alternate means of healing. Practitioners of many healing disciplines are now being covered by insurance in the United States that just a few years ago would not have been something that would be allowed. 
I was interested in the community concept of healing one member to heal the whole. This was new to me but after many of the classes I have taken at ULC Seminary the idea is not as foreign because I have come to understand that we are One and what affects one of the whole affects all. The used of this understanding to heal the spirit gives me understanding of how wrongful thought can affect not only the patient but the community. 

The amount of time for training and the education that must be completed is very interesting. The concepts provided in the training are universal and the words used to help the person relax and the care to not harm the patient is very important. There are so many things to learn about and to do properly so as not to harm the patient further but to bring them back to the fullness of health. I myself have not seen an aura around a person. I think I have been looking too closely at the actual earthly body to see it but I have felt heat energy near persons. I did once see a dear friend of mine in ghostly pallor and a grey area about her. She was walking toward me and as she was with her boss who was speaking in a negative tone to her I was unable to speak to her. The next day she drove 20 miles in to work and died at her desk from heart failure. I now wonder if what I was seeing was the beginning of the spirit leaving her earthly body and taking the energy field with it. This was the turning point of my life and I have been seeking to learn and grow every since.


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