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This is a collection of essays regarding several courses on metaphysics offered through the Universal Life Church. Our metaphysics courses cover a wide variety of topics in metaphysics and each carry with it its own degree.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Metaphysical Healing

The “Human Energy Fields” was as wonderfully detailed overview of the body and its many components. The energy fields and chakras discussion was vital for what was to come in the rest of the course. The added illustrations helped considerably in learning the material.

The “How to do it” lesson is excellent. I firmly believe that if we cannot heal ourselves, we can be of no use in healing anyone else. This is a simple but beautiful exercise that can be done at anytime when there is an affliction in the body. The explanation of positive hand and negative hand were also very helpful.

Using your hands as sensors is an extremely important and helpful lesson. The scanning techniques described, along with the illustrations provided allow a student to take the information and apply, complete with visual aids. Since, in my opinion, the scanning is the primary methodology in learning about another person’s condition, this is one of the more important lessons in the course.

The “unruffling” technique is also an important one that takes some getting use to. At first, the trick is to sense the auric fibres. Once one is aware of these fibres, then it is much easier to begin the unruffling process. I have to admit at being intimidated by this exercise at first, but practice makes perfect and after a number of workings with this technique, the process seems to be much easier.

Another important component is the “etheric shower”. This technique allows the healer to flush away any residual contaminated etheric energy left over from a healing. While an aspiring healer may ask why this is necessary since it cannot be seen, one can also ask what does it hurt to do this cleansing. If nothing else, it allows the healer a point of separation between each healing and the next.

There is a wealth of information in the course about the practical and business aspects of healing and in how to present one’s self to clients. These are all valuable facets of the healing business. This course was very detailed, very well written, and I feel that I have walked away from it with some real, practical information that I can use from this day forward. I recommend this course to anyone who is serious about healing.

Rev. Jean Pagano


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