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This is a collection of essays regarding several courses on metaphysics offered through the Universal Life Church. Our metaphysics courses cover a wide variety of topics in metaphysics and each carry with it its own degree.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Metaphysical Healing

I was excited and enrolled in the Master's of Metaphysical Healing class for two reasons. First I am a Master Level Reiki healer and use this almost daily and so I am always interested in other natural and spiritual healing methods. The class paralleled much with my professional training in the three levels of Reiki classed I was certified in a few years ago, so in this way it was a good review. At the same time it went far beyond that, as well, and added even more expertise to my spiritual healing practice. Some of it was far above my comprehension and this is one class I wished I could have taken with hand's on experience.

Almost four years ago I was asked to write and illustrate a biography of the son of a African King who was visiting in the United States. Much of my art, my storytelling, and even my dress is often with an African flavor, and in past life regressions I have been told I have lived there often, and perhaps this is the reason I played with black dolls as a child instead of white ones and I have a house decorated with African art in every room, even the bathroom, and last my nickname is "Tiger;"

Writing the biography of the son of a African King, I learned that King Alu had been married to an African healer and it had been his wives' desire that their son come to the United States and study medicine so that he could combine his professional study with her herbal and spiritual healing. One of the illustrations of the book is a painting of the spiritual doctor gathering her herbs and carrying them in a basket on her head, telling her son as an American plane flew over that one day when he grew up that he would travel to the U.S to study medicine, and she was sure with the two combined that he would make one of the best doctors in African.

Unfortunately, Dr. Alu had to return to Nigeria before I finished his book and communication in his remote village is rare with the outside world unless he travels out of the village. However, perhaps the time will come I will finish the book and travel there when it is published and I can proudly say, "Yes, I have study on a small scale, as a African healer,too."

While the typical degree certificate will with this class I wished the Professor Kruger would also send us a certificate saying something to the affect of, Completed 20 weeks of study in Spiritual African Healing Methods, or at least add something to the regular degree showing the study was in African Healing Methods? Is this possible? I hope so. I want to show my publisher my certificate when my book, King Alu's Last Wish is published.

Rev. Linda Francis


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