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This is a collection of essays regarding several courses on metaphysics offered through the Universal Life Church. Our metaphysics courses cover a wide variety of topics in metaphysics and each carry with it its own degree.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Spirituality Course

Defining Spirituality - ULC
I think I will begin with the fact that I truly thought that by taking this course I would actually be able to “Define spiritualism,” once I had completed this course. What I have truly learned, is that I cannot. Definition, like beauty, is the eyes of the beholder and I believe ironically, that by not being capable of actually being able to define spiritualism, I got it! Of course, this little fact escaped me until the final lesson, which then lead me to understand why we have to completely read each and every lesson over and over again.

I imagined that becoming a Chaplain would make me all-knowing. I believed that I HAD to have all of the answers that may be asked of me throughout the rest of my life. I was now a person of higher power. I made a vow to My God to be able to do this when I became ordained. However, I now know that although I do have the knowledge of from whence it came, (The beliefs of others and how it all began,) it does me no good to speak - but to listen and that what I think really doesn’t matter at all in ministering. What matters is how that person feels when they leave me. Perception is everything.

Having taken this course redirected my thought process to a completely different level. I have noticed that when people come to me for advice, they really aren’t searching for advice – but for an ear to listen and confirmation that all will be okay. That is all anyone really wants to know. Don’t we all? I believe this is why countless folks pile in to wherever to have spiritual readings done. I have done this myself in the past - and when I think about it, I already knew everything that the reading person told me. But I felt better when I left because it had been validated!!! My feelings had been validated. Validated by someone who seemed to be in a more knowing position than myself. After all, they had their own little space, with their own little table and their own magical cards and I didn’t. Sounds very familiar to church which brings me back full circle to my ordination.

I have learned that I cannot promise anyone that all will be okay because their perception of okay may be completely different than my own. However, I can create the feeling that, “Everything will be as it should be.” This I can honestly and wholeheartedly promise. Once I realized this, (More like an actual brick hit me square between the eyes) I felt absolute peace in knowing that I don’t have to know anything at all!!! I simply have to have the ability to be compassionate and understanding and non- judgmental. Not having to have an opinion is just about the best freedom I have ever been given.

I cannot thank you enough for the guidance of this course and I still continue to read from it daily and probably always will. As stages in my life continue to change, so do the meanings and teachings of this lesson. Another brick between the eyes I suppose.

In closing, I would like to share with you that I have never been so thankful to have knowledge - of nothing at all!

My Sincerest Thanks –

Martha J. Tote


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