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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Spirituality Course

300 Word Essay for completion of Defining Spiritualism Course

This course helped me to understand the beliefs of others so that I will best know how to minister and to counsel others when called upon especially to those who are more science minded than spiritual minded. I learned much information regarding the history of western thought and the development of religion and received much insight and spiritual enlightenment as a result which has aided my ministry in that I have a greater understanding and compassion for those that I serve who have different spiritual beliefs and views than myself.

I have a greater understanding and compassion for those who believe themselves to be agnostic, or atheist, and am better able to serve and teach those who have more limiting beliefs than myself, who struggle with not believing in things that they cannot see and or touch, or things which cannot be proven.

I have a deeper understanding of faith and ways to minister to those who lack faith. Enlightenment came to me about sharing faith with others. Especially those who are scientifically minded or agnostic and question those things that cannot be seen or touched and how to become more inspiring to those who have difficulty with receiving divine inspiration, those with different views than me.

I had an opportunity to share with one who was agnostic most recently and he believed that God did exist, but just did not do anything in his life, and he insisted that he did not believe in things that could not be proven, seen. I asked him to stand in his chair and he looked at me somewhat puzzled, but did comply. I asked him if there was anything special about the chair. He said no. I asked if the chair had any problems that he noticed when he sat down or if he had really even paid attention to the chair. He replied, no, I just sat down. He seemed somewhat perturbed at that point so I decided to get to the point.

I asked him had he not had faith in the chair that it would hold him, faith that his car would make it to my house, faith that he had gas in the car when he got in it, some form of faith that I would have electricity when he arrived. He smiled and was like well, yeah. Well, then, why do you question so much if there is a God and if God is there for you simply because you cannot see him or touch him. I mean after all, you have faith in things such as chairs, cars and electricity. Even though you can see a chair, it does not mean that the chair is going to hold you when you fall. Yet, you have shared that you have fallen many times in your earth walk and somehow you are here before me.

A few days later he called me and said that he realized what I was trying to say and how he could see how he had placed so much faith in little things and so easily, like a chair holding him up, he realized that he did that without even giving it much thought. He said that he had struggled and agonized over the thought of God because of traumas and trials in his life, as it seemed others had such wonderful thriving lives, homes, families, and he did not, for he was plagued by alcoholism, sexual addiction, and was a victim of childhood sexual abuse, and physical abuse, coming from an alcoholic home. He destroyed relationships, lost jobs, and was homeless at one time. He realized that he had made it through all those things by some form of faith and that he could see now that though God had not packaged his life the way others had looked on the outside. He had been truly blessed and that it was miraculous that he had survived all those things and recovered from the two seemingly hopeless addictions. It was a beautiful conversation the following day and he came to know God that day and dedicated his life to a new path.

I have had people come to me before in this dilemma and it was so much more difficult in the past. However, because of this course, I was able to reach this man. It can be so much easier to surround myself with those people who are already believers, as those who are not have made me uneasy in the past, but with the insights of the course, I was a much more effective Minister of Light.

Rev. Tracey Loper


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