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This is a collection of essays regarding several courses on metaphysics offered through the Universal Life Church. Our metaphysics courses cover a wide variety of topics in metaphysics and each carry with it its own degree.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spirituality Course

Denise L. Graves
   Lesson 1
The obstacles that prevent me from recognizing Love’s presence within me are:
a.       Doubt that I don’t know God, really
b.      A tendency to look over my past and judge episodes of pain as my shortcomings.
c.       Surrender to “normative” pictures of love and feel I have fallen short to obtain love.
d.      Overwhelmed by acts of violence and hate as they create the loss of dignity, provision and life.
Nothing real can be threatened and nothing unreal exists
God exists.  God is tangible, describable, and visible and feels all space.  Accepting the previous statements moves my mind toward an expanding vision of God as light.  A light that reaches all places at all times.  There is no place that God is not.  I am continually encouraged to “see” what I believe God sees.  I am accepting that God knows what it formed me as and intended my purpose to be.  I am accepting that all is right and well and thought I can make to logical sense of my fit into my now, I accept that God and I are real, consequently, I am breathing into the truth that nothing real can be threatened. I cannot be threatened.
Every moment in my life has spiritual significance to God.  Whatever my presumption of shortcomings, they do not control me now or label my presence or determine my future.  I made the best decision every time, using the tools and information I had at that time.  As time passes, I have control over how I interpret the past.  I have control over how I think about it, repeat it, learn from it and let it stay in the past.  I can undo nothing. I choose to be in the present benefiting from the wisdom of yester “minute.”
I choose to see love and I look at the pain.  I see the tears of the bereaved, broken hearted, sick and hopeless.  I identify with the hurt of the moment.  I allow it to move me back to memories of my own pain. And then, I remember to send love and light to the person and situation.  I allow my own contradictions of what I believe about good and the situation at hand to sit in tension.  I allow my desire for what I want to struggle with what is and then ask myself what is mine to do. I do what I am led to do. I accept I do not know God’s plan for that action, moment and person.  I just allow myself to be with those who will heal, those who will live changed lives and those who must find their way to wholeness and reconciliation. 
I speak to the situation out loud, declaring better, help, healing and wholeness.  I declare love.  And when I am hesitant to demonstrate the unconditional acceptance of my brother’s or sister’s God light, I ask myself, what part of this situation is reflective of my own woundedness.  I work to find that place in me to love and be healed.
Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Here in lies the peace of God
I thought about sitting in this kitchen enjoying the warmth of the oven on this cold January day.  It feels comforting.  I reminds me of the fun times in my family of origin and the when my children were little.  I looked around to see my companion and realized I am in the process of declaring my own new partner direction.  I prayed for the man who struggled to leave me.  I thought about my mature decision to give him the time needed to rebuild a relationship with his wife, whom he’d been separated from.  I thought about the last words I said to him and the grace at which we engaged.  I remembered he is a reflection of God and whatever I said or did to him, I am doing unto God.  I also thought about how long I struggled with this disentanglement.  Shortly after the meditation he called to check on me.  I willed and wished him well and gave myself to realize that love I have for him is real and pure enough to release him to his highest good and me to my greater good.


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