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This is a collection of essays regarding several courses on metaphysics offered through the Universal Life Church. Our metaphysics courses cover a wide variety of topics in metaphysics and each carry with it its own degree.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Spiritual Development

The Doctor of Spiritual Development Course by Dr. David Crouch has provided me with many tools and insights to further my personal growth. I feel that personal growth is an on-going process and I look forward to applying what I have learned from the course into my personal and professional life. I learned a good deal about how to manifest reality. I thought it was useful that understandable language was used to provide information on how to live life from a place of Intent, Mindfulness, and Purpose. Crouch was able to tie together many modalities which all express the reality that energy follows thought. The lessons on clarity and getting rid of the internal clutter were especially beneficial for me as these are areas where I have struggled with in the past. 

Having been involved in a body-oriented personal growth psychotherapy practice for the last three years, I appreciate the mention of the sub-modalities which help to provide awareness of how the mind communicates with itself in the form of images, sounds, and sensations. I have experienced this many times before. I liked how Crouch broke down the different sub-modalities and provided questions to focus awareness for each.

 I also found it useful that guidelines are provided for how to write out a specific plan for creating positive changes – manifesting change – in my life. I have been able to learn how to envision a future in which my desired objective is a present reality for me. One of my desired objectives included having a space to practice Reiki and to have a healing center and I am happy to say that I am now starting a business with another person. Right now I can see that this business is successful and feel in my heart that the universe will provide what it takes to make it so if I hold in clarity my vision for the success as already happening. I am excited to see how it all enfolds and to be part of the journey with the destination in mind.

I have also been able to apply what I have learned about changing my personal history. The lessons provided me with further validation of the benefits of this. I worked for years to find the seed, and am currently changing the seed, getting to watch a new plant grow from the seed. I have been releasing all that has been stored in the body and gaining access to the unconscious to change my past, present, and future. I found this lesson particularly helpful for what I have been working through for the last 6 months. I also believe this knowledge will be helpful in my profession as a counselor. So much of life can get tied up in the past and there is so much freedom in changing our perceptions and in being released from those patterns.

Overall, I feel this course is very informational, easy to read, and provides a great understanding of how to successfully manifest change and continue developing spiritually. That is what it is all about as far as I am concerned.

Jamie Downs

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