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This is a collection of essays regarding several courses on metaphysics offered through the Universal Life Church. Our metaphysics courses cover a wide variety of topics in metaphysics and each carry with it its own degree.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


By the Reverend John Powell
My body, my mind and my spirit

Spiritualism is a very hard term to define. What I think of the course is a lot easier. This course was put together with a lot of heart, research, tears and love. When we live in a world of materialism, we tend to put the things of the spirit on the back burner. Those who do so, Do so at their own peril.

As we study the thought processes that have influenced ourselves and mankind, we are struck with the overwhelming depth of mans search to define himself and his reason for being. Socrates looked at the world and wondered if what he was seeing was the reality or if the reality was something that was not or could not be understood. As a side note he began to believe that which he could not see and called it faith. Sigmund, on the other hand, looked within himself and searched for the forces that drive or what he felt drove the behavior of himself and man. Hitler looked at the world around him and felt he could cure the evils of the world by changing the world to an image he believed was perfect. Newton, Einstein, and other scientist of the world take the world apart in an effort to learn what makes it tick and to see if they can improve it by tinkering with its parts. Priest, ministers and instructors in faith believe that the spirit of man can be found through rules or faith in a belief system.

Are these things, and people involved, part of a spiritual world? I believe so. Passion for the ideas that make us believe in who we are and why we exist, to me, define the spirit of the human being.

Now last, what does it mean to me? As a frail human in the temple of my frail body, I have learned that my existence is spiritual. I am fully aware of the frailty of my worldly temple. Realizing, even with the best of intentions, that I have hurt people And I have lived a life that far under-exceeded my and others expectation of me, I have needed something to calm my mind and body. In my opinion, the spirit that I share with the universe is the only glue that holds my temple and that of the totality of souls together in harmony.

Thank you for an interesting course.

John Powell.
Ordained: April 13, 2000


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